The Chaotic Workshop

The Chaotic Workshop

The Chaotic Workshop was the first game I put out with Virtex Edge Design. 

It’s a cartoon puzzle sandbox game which challenges you to solve its puzzle Blueprints by any means necessary. From rockets to pinball bouncers, tennis ball cannons to proximity mines, it is up to you of how to get the job done. With over 70 items, 50 levels and a full-fledged sandbox level editor, the game becomes whatever your imagination want’s it to be.

There’s no hand holding in this game, and with only a basic Tutorial, you are left to your own devices to experiment and see what impact or result hooking up different items together can have.


Integrated Sandbox

I wrote Chaotic Workshop with a Sandbox in mind so that not only could players try and solve the puzzles that ship with the game, but so they can create their own as well.

Every level in the game was created with the in-game sandbox so that how I create levels is directly how players will create levels.

Mod Support

To expand on the game even further, Chaotic Workshop was given mod support in a later update.

The mod kit allows players to create their own entities, game modes and modify nearly any aspect of the game. You can debug directly from Visual Studio using your custom dll’s.

It’s written in C# and is available on Github.

The Chaotic Workshop is available on the following stores:

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