rendering software developer

My name is Rob T. Roe. I’m an Entrepreneur, Software Developer and Mechanical Engineering Grad who specialises in rendering and real world interactive entertainment installations.

My background ranges from VR and AR to Projection Mapping and rendering pipelines. 


AR and VR to Projection Mapping and Cross Platform Custom Rendering Pipelines

real world installations

Experience in developing and deploying large scale interactive installations.


NodeJS, SQL, MonoDB. I’ve leveraged backend tools to solve frontend problems.


Find a snapshot of many of my projects here, from released games to open source tools

Metric Racer


Musical Geometric Puzzles

The Chaotic Workshop


Vertices Engine

Cross Platform Game Engine

Iris Viewer



Goal: Survive


As part of a Gamejam at my work, I created a portal-meets-homeworld style ship game. It’s very basic and needs some polish, but it’s not bad for being created within…

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As part of the recent Global Game Jam, I created Frequency, an audio-puzzle game created in Unity. Check it out below! A musical puzzle game where you assemble shattered geometric…

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Initially when I started Metric I was creating all of the track pieces in Blender and then combining them in Engine at runtime. The problem was for each theme I…

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Entry Number 2 in the MonoGame Shader Series I’m writing over at Virtex Edge Designs site is on Camera Motion Blur. The technique is pretty straight forward but adds a…

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Selective Bloom, Emissive Glow, Fake HDR, there’s a number of ways to call this, but with Metric Racer being a scifi racing game, there was a need to make it…

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Recently I heavily improved on the 3D Gizmo in the Vertices Engine. Initially it only allowed for 3D Translations, but with Metric Racer become more advanced in development, it became apparent I had to add some features to the Gizmo.

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virtex edge design

In 2015 I started Virtex Edge Design, a Software and Game Development Studio. Virtex has put out two Mobile and Desktop titles and has two more desktop titles on the way!

I also developed an in-house cross platform engine called Vertices, an in-house developed game engine based in and built from the ground up in C#. It uses MonoGame as it’s back end allowing it to run cross platform on PC, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android.

Scroll below to see some of the games that have been developed with Vertices.

I’ve released some Open Source tools as well through Virtex, namely Iris Web Viewer, an online model viewer.